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Organic Mix 'Bordeaux' (Calla, Dahlia, Gladiolus) | 14 pcs.

Organic Mix 'Bordeaux' (Calla, Dahlia, Gladiolus) | 14 pcs.

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Organic dark red mix

A mix of 3 types of dark red summer bloomers that combine beautifully with each other.

  • 3 Bio Calla 'Night Club'
  • 1 Bio Dahlia 'Arabian Night'
  • 10 Bio Gladiolus 'Black Sea'

These tubers are planted after frost or can be grown in a heated room such as in the living room from March onwards.

Dahlias bloom for several months from July until the first frost.
Callas and gladiolus bloom for about a month to 6 weeks. When the plants have died, cut them down to the ground and remove the tubers before frost! Store the tubers in a dry, cool, but frost-free place in winter.

You can let the tubers bloom every year again and even possibly multiply them.

Organically grown - Skal NL-BIO-01 certified: 109459

Packed per 14 pieces.

Order now, delivery in early March!

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Flowering time: July - October
Planting time:
From May (or from March indoors)
Planting depth:
2 - 15 cm underground
Planting distance: 50 cm apart
50 - 100 cm high
Flower diameter:
10 - 15 cm wide
Partial shade, sun
Soil PH: Sandy soil - Neutral
Winter hardiness:
Not hardy
Propagation: Good
Dark red
Group: Several
Bee-friendly: Yes
Fragrant: Yes
Bulb size: Several



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