Bio-Kultura is convinced that the soil is the basis for your plants, your garden and contributes to the preservation of nature. They also believe that it should not be difficult to lay a good and sustainable foundation. They sell three high-quality products that are suitable for every plant and every type of garden. Their organic potting soil, garden soil and manure compost are organically certified and composed with the greatest care.

Bio-Kultura goes further than just a certificate. For example, they do not use garden peat and focus on high-quality types of compost. They put together the products themselves, under the supervision of certifier Control Union . They are also the only producer of potting soil, garden soil and compost on the SKAL input list. They fill the products in big bags or sacks and have their carrier deliver them to your home.

Their products originated from practice at their organic perennial plant nursery ( Houtum nursery ) in Doorn.

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What is the story behind Bio-Kultura?

Bio-Kultura's products were originally intended for personal use - to improve the soil at their nursery. When Jan van Houtum bought the plot of land for the nursery more than 25 years ago, the soil was exhausted. He believed that a fertile garden starts at the base – the soil, the plant's home. He started working on his own manure compost and saw the soil improve every year. Over the years it has become a beautiful nursery where plants and animals thrive.

Around 2008, they were looking for a potting soil for the nursery that met their requirements. They couldn't find it. So they developed their own product. A potting soil that is biologically and ecologically well composed and is labor-saving. They set strict requirements for the potting soil. This had to be airy for optimal development of root systems and contain sufficient nutrition for a growing season. After two seasons of testing, they arrived at the ideal potting soil. Others also became increasingly interested in potting soil and manure compost. Then they decided to found Bio-Kultura.

Finally, they added garden soil - for raising borders, beds and the vegetable garden. They developed high-quality soil that immediately gives your garden a boost when refilled. That is why they decided not to add peat (a dead product), but compost. The garden soil therefore has a humus-building effect - strengthening the fertile layer in the soil. Demand for products now came from all over the country. To help as many people as possible with a good basis for their garden, they have increased their production.

De Bloemoloog advises everyone to take a look at their website for the best organic potting soil, garden soil, fertilizers and other soil improvers.

Do you live near Doorn? Then we recommend that you take a look at their fantastically located organic nursery full of native and perennial plants!