Frequently asked questions & answers

Organic flowerbulbs

  • Aren't all flowerbulbs organic? - No, not all flowerbulbs are grown naturally. In general, many harmful pesticides are used in flowerbulb cultivation.
  • Are organic flowerbulbs better? - The organically grown flowerbulbs come from healthy soil, the flowerbulb has more life force and will also grow back better.
  • Do all flowerbulbs come from the Netherlands? - Yes, we work with 9 organically certified growers; 6 growers in the north of North Holland, 1 grower in Midden-Kennemerland and 2 growers in Flevoland.
  • Where is the indicated bulb size such as; 11/+ for? - 11/+ stands for 11 centimeters in size and larger. The flowerbulb is measured 11 centimeters all around. yardstick; most tulip bulbs have this size.


Payment and delivery

  • How can I pay with you? - Via iDeal, PayPal, Sofort, Stripe, Bancontact (via Mollie) and in cash at our stall. (see Events calendar )
  • How long will it take before I can expect my package at home? - Summer bloomers will be shipped from March. We store the purchased products in the correct condition until planting time. You will be notified in advance when the order is shipped.
  • Which postal company do you use? - We ship our orders via PostNL.


  • How long is the return time? - You have 30 days to return. You do pay the shipping costs.

Warranty and quality

  • What guarantee do you give? - We naturally find it annoying if a product does not meet your expectations. In this case, please contact customer service as soon as possible. Then we look for a suitable solution. We provide a 1-year flowering guarantee on all products.
  • What quality do you provide? - Our products are equipped with a Skal organic certificate and are inspected by the BKD . (Flowerbulb inspection service) All our products are hand- selected to ensure A-quality delivery.
  • Are you certified yourself? - We are certified by Skal bio-control to trade organic products. (see certification)


Save flower points

  • How do I see how many Bloemopoints I have? - Click on rewards at the bottom left of your screen and sign up or log in. Then click on rewards again and it will tell you how many Bloemopoints you have after your name.
  • What can I do with my Bloemopoints? - You can exchange 1000 Bloemopoints for a 10% discount code or 1750 points for a discount code for a €5 discount in the shopping cart.
  • I already follow you on Instagram and I also like your FB page, do I still get Bloemopoints? - When you execute the command, the Bloemopoints will automatically be added to the balance.
  • How do I find my discount codes? - If you press rewards at the bottom left of the screen you will see the 'rewards list'. The redeemed discount codes are listed here.
  • How long are Bloemopoints valid? - Bloemopoints remain valid indefinitely.

Skal no: 109459

Our philosophy is that what you put in the ground should contribute to a better planet; Besides the fact that flowers are a beauty to the eye, they contribute to a habitat for insects such as butterflies and bees. In this way we can contribute to a healthy eco-system on our planet with sufficient bio-diversity.

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