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Bio Tulipa 'Fire Wings' - Lily Tulip | 10 pcs.

Bio Tulipa 'Fire Wings' - Lily Tulip | 10 pcs.

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Organic flamed lily tulips

The Tulipa 'Fire Wings' is a striking lily tulip due to its fiery colors and elegant shape. The flowers have a characteristic shape that is reminiscent of lily flowers. The slender, pointed petals are slightly spread and when fully opened, the flowers reveal their vibrant colors in full glory. The petals are decorated with a dramatic combination of deep reds and oranges, making them appear as if they are in flames. At the edges the petals have a hint of yellow, which creates a beautiful and striking contrast.

The flowers of the tulip 'Fire Wings' are medium-sized, with a flower diameter of approximately 10 cm. It grows to about half a meter high and the leaves are broad, lanceolate and blue-green in color.

How, where and when do I plant a tulip bulb?

Tulip bulbs are flower bulbs that need a cold period. The flower bulbs grow best in the autumn October planted so that they are in the ground during the winter, so that they get that cold period. The planting depth is 2 to 3 times the height of the flower bulb itself and the planting distance is 2 to 3 times the width of the flower bulb.

Plant the Tulipa 'Fire Wings' flower bulbs in a spot in the sun or partial shade. It likes nutrient-rich, fertile soil, preferably loamy soil. If you have sandy soil, mix some clay minerals into the planting hole. In the case of clay soil, you can add some organic material to the planting hole for better drainage. Make sure the soil remains well-drained, as too much moisture around the bulbs can lead to rot.


To nourish the 'Fire Wings' flower bulbs, you can add organic fertilizer to the soil when planting. It is important not to overfeed the bulbs as this can lead to excessive leaf growth and weakened flowers.

The spent flowers are cut away at the top of the flower stem, so that the power goes to the flower bulb instead of to the seed. Leave the foliage still attached, because it ensures photosynthesis so that the flower bulb gathers strength again for the following year. Allow the foliage to die completely so that the strength returns to the bulb. The leaves have completely died around July.

In order for the tulip bulb to produce a large flower again, it must be dug up from the garden and hung in a warm shed. It is important to handle the bulbs carefully when digging up and ensure that they are not damaged. Remove excess soil, leaving the outer shell of the bulb intact. Then hang the bulbs in a ventilated place to dry.

The bulbs can be replanted in the ground in the fall. Follow the planting instructions above again.

What if tulip bulbs remain in the ground?

If an organic tulip bulb remains in the ground, you can count on several years of flowering. However, the quality decreases every year and the risk of diseases such as fire is considerably greater. Therefore, choose different places in the garden every year to prevent diseases and weakening.

Organic Tulipa 'Fire Wings' - Skal NL-BIO-01 certified: 109459

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Flowering time: April - May
Planting time:
From October
Planting depth:
10 cm deep
Planting distance: 15 cm apart
50 cm high
Flower diameter:
10 cm wide
Partial shade, sun
Soil PH: Clay, loam, sandy soil - Slightly alkaline/neutral
Winter hardiness:
Good winter hardy
Propagation: Good
Family: Liliaceae (lily family)
Group: Lily-flowered
Colour: Red Yellow
Bee-friendly: No
Fragrant: No
Bulb size: 11+

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