Nature Education

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Here you can read everything about the range of nature education offered by De Bloemoloog and you can sign up for the newsletter specifically about nature education using the button at the bottom of this page.
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What does the Florologist do?

The Bloemoloog offers various lessons about organic flowers, biodiversity and nature.
The age at which you can participate is from 2 to 104!
The lessons can be both theoretical and hands-on and when material is required for the lessons, this is only organically certified plant material and we use sustainable & natural materials.

Roos has a pedagogical, cultural and social background and lovingly adapts the lessons to the target group, current themes and learning objectives.

During the first meeting, both the group and the location are discussed so that good coordination can be found in the offerings during the lesson.

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The lessons can be scheduled directly through the Florologist, and there is also a wide range of activities available through De Natuurgids Alkmaar. Visit the for the complete range.
Teachers from the Alkmaar Catholic Schools Foundation (SAKS) have the option to send a message within the Talent Circle; this is linked to Roos' email address and she will contact you.

Supporting teaching materials are used during the lessons, which range from books to illustrations and talking pictures or search pictures that you can use later in nature.
The illustrations used come from Captain Kalk; an artist who makes the most beautiful chalkboard drawings! She has had images printed of these chalkboard drawings and these are used during lessons.

Interested in the maps or curious about Captain Kalk?
See the website:


Some of the illustrations are made by Eentje van Margo.
She makes beautiful drawings that focus on life with nature, making her illustrations a valuable addition to the lessons!

Would you like to know more about one of Margo's? See her website:


Various books and teaching plates are used during the lessons. these are written and/or drawn by the following authors/illustrators:

Hettie Drost, Jasper Ruiter, Jennita Jansen, Katja Staring

Books that are often used are Pluktuin , Plokje , Adventurous gardening , Handbook for bee fans and Oase .

Do you see a nice collaboration here or do you think that the Bloemologist can also do something for you in the field of nature education? Please feel free to contact us via the button below and mention in the subject that it concerns nature education!