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Planting dahlia tubers

You can plant dahlia tubers in the spring from March to May. You can start them in a pot indoors so that they already have a head start, or you can wait until mid-May, until the frost is really gone. If you choose to grow the tubers indoors in a pot (pre-growth), then choose a deep pot so that the tubers have enough space to grow. Keep the soil slightly moist until the last frost. You can then place the pot outside or choose to remove the tubers from the pot and plant them in the ground. In this case, immerse the pot in water for half a day, then plant the tuber about 5 centimeters underground, in a sunny spot with drained soil. She doesn't like wet feet!

Care of the dahlia

The dahlia is a fast growing plant that needs some nutrition. Use regular organic cow manure, not horse manure, as this is too sharp for the tubers. The fresh leaves of the dahlia are very tasty, so also protect the dahlia against snails.

Tips for more enjoyment from your dahlia:

  • When the plant is about 20 centimeters high you can pinch out the top. This will cause the plant to grow a little fuller.
  • Support dahlias that grow to around one meter in height. This prevents them from breaking.
  • Remove the small side buds for larger blooms.
  • Remove the spent flowers. This motivates the dahlia to produce new flowers.

During winter

When the plant has finished flowering in late autumn, remove the tubers from the ground. The old stems of the plant are hollow. Make sure there is no water in it. It is best to keep the tuber upside down in a dry place for a week to dry. The tuber can usually also be split, so you get more and more dahlias. Store the tubers in a dry and cool place and replant them the following year.

Buying tubers

Dahlia tubers are for sale from January to May. View our range in the webshop below summer bloomers

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