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Organic Allium 'Schubertii' - Persian ornamental onion

Organic Allium 'Schubertii' - Persian ornamental onion

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Organic fireworks

The Allium 'Schubertii' is a large-flowered ornamental onion, also known as 'fireworks' or 'Persian ornamental onion'. With an impressive flower diameter of up to 50 centimeters, this flower is the largest of its kind and therefore ideal for drying after flowering. The sturdy flower stem reaches a height of about half a meter. The flower consists of many unevenly long blades with star-shaped flowers at the end. The flowers slowly open from the inside out, resulting in a spectacular fireworks effect.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Allium 'Schubertii' also provides a lot of nectar for pollinators, making it very popular with bees and bumblebees. Additionally, it is worth noting that these flowers are grown organically, which adds to their natural appeal.

This product contains flowerbulbs of the Allium 'Schubertii' with a minimum flowerbulb size of 16 centimeters. The flower size can grow up to 50 centimeters wide!

Tip! Dried flowers

The Allium 'Schubertii' is one of the most elegant alliums for cut flower cultivation. When dried, the star-shaped petals retain their shape. It is important that the flower must grow completely so that the ovaries develop properly. Just before the flower has fully bloomed, usually around the first week of July, you can cut it off and let it dry. Hang the flowers upside down in a dark, well-ventilated area. The flower retains its color better in a dark room, while exposure to direct sunlight can fade the color. When the flowers are completely dry, the decorative seeds also become visible.

Alternatively, you can also let the flowers dry out in the garden without cutting the flower stem. However, keep in mind that the flower will then completely lose its color.

How, where and when do I plant an Allium 'Schubertii' flowerbulb?

An allium flowerbulb needs a cold period. Therefore, plant it in the ground in the autumn from October to January. The planting depth is 2 to 3 times the flowerbulb itself and the planting distance is 2 to 3 times the width of the flowerbulb itself. Plant it in full sun or partial shade in a nutrient-rich, water-permeable, preferably calcareous, sandy soil.


The Allium 'Schubertii' generally does not need much extra nutrition. If the soil is poor, you can add a little compost or well-rotted manure when planting to increase soil fertility. However, keep in mind that excessive fertilization can promote leaf growth at the expense of flowering.

After flowering, remove spent flower stems, but leave the foliage alone. The foliage will absorb nutrients and help the bulb prepare for the next growing season. The foliage may turn yellow and wilt, but do not cut it until it has completely withered.


The 'Schubertii' propagates by seed and the bulb divides. If any propagation is required, the flowerbulbs can be dug up in July, the flowerbulbs can then be taken apart, dried and stored in a warm place such as the shed to be replanted separately in October.

Organic Allium 'Schubertii' - Skal NL-BIO-01 certified: 109459

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Flowering time: May June
Planting time:
From October
Planting depth:
10 cm deep
Planting distance: 50 cm apart
40-50 cm high
Flower diameter: 30-50 cm wide
Partial shade, sun
Soil PH: Loam, sandy soil - Slightly alkaline/neutral
Winter hardiness:
Good winter hardy
Propagation: Mediocre
Family: Alliaceae (garlic family)
Colour: Pink
Bee-friendly: Yes
Fragrant: No
Bulb size: 16+

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