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Organic Allium 'Tuberosum' - Garlic Chives

Organic Allium 'Tuberosum' - Garlic Chives

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Organic garlic chives

The Allium 'Tuberosum' , commonly known as 'garlic chives' or 'Chinese chives', is an edible plant from the garlic family. It has narrow, flat leaves that resemble those of regular chives, but larger. The leaves have a subtle garlic flavor, making them a popular choice in the kitchen.
In summer the plant produces white half round flowers of about 5 to 10 centimeters wide, formed by star-shaped flowers, which bloom for months. These flowers are also edible and have a mild onion flavor.

Allium 'Tuberosum' is attractive to bees and other insects, making it a useful plant in the garden. With a height of approximately 50 to 70 centimeters, it combines well among the perennials or at the back of the herb garden.
In late autumn the plant dies completely, but it is winter hardy, so it comes back faithfully every year.

How, where and when do I plant Allium 'Tuberosum'?

The numerous small roots of the Allium 'Tuberosum' should be carefully spread over the ground, leaving the green shoots just above the surface. Planting this plant is possible during winter to summer. The most suitable location is in partial shade or in the sun, preferably in a nutrient-rich, well-drained sandy soil.

Care of the Garlic Chives

When planting the Allium 'Tuberosum' it is advisable to provide nutrition. After flowering, cut off spent flower stems and let the plant die completely in autumn. Before consumption, the leaves can be partially cut off, an action that allows the plant to effortlessly recover by quickly growing new leaves.


The roots of the Allium 'Tuberosum' grow well and can be divided every year. When dividing the plant, the roots can easily be pulled apart, even into small cuttings. This ensures that nothing is damaged on the plant, and this operation can be performed in winter as well as in spring.

We recommend dividing the plant only after 3 to 5 years.


All parts of the plant are edible, including the leaves, flowers and buds.
Chinese chives are often used in Asian dishes, salads, soups and as a seasoning for various dishes. It can be picked from May to October.


The origin of Allium 'Tuberosum' is unknown, but it is widely grown in East Asia for its medicinal properties. This improves kidney function and is good for bladder problems.

Organic Allium 'Tuberosum' - Skal NL-BIO-01 certified: 109459

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Flowering time: July - September
Planting time:
Straight away
Planting depth:
10 cm deep
Planting distance: 30 cm apart
70 cm high
Flower diameter: 7cm wide
Sun, partial shade
Soil PH: Loam, sandy soil - Slightly acidic/neutral
Winter hardiness:
Winter hardy
Propagation: Good
Family: Alliaceae (garlic family)
Colour: White
Bee-friendly: Yes
Fragrant: Yes
Quality: Undivided

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