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Organic Anemone blanda - Grecian windflower | 10 pcs.

Organic Anemone blanda - Grecian windflower | 10 pcs.

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Organic Anemone blanda

The Anemone blanda, or Grecian windflower blooms every year in early spring. The daisy-like flowers are 7 centimeters wide and only 5 to 10 centimeters high. The yellow heart is surrounded by 1 ring of petals and are wide open when the sun shines and close again in the evening at sunset.

Propagation creates a carpet of decorative root-like leaves that remain green for a long time after flowering, which is why it is also known as 'carpet anemone'.

Characteristics of the Anemone blanda are hairy flower stems that nod downwards after flowering. The root-like leaves have short stems in contrast to the Anemone apeninna which looks very similar and is called blue anemone.

Very suitable for planting in places where the sun shines in winter, but is sheltered in summer by deciduous trees or shrubs.

How, where and when do I plant Anemone blanda tubers?

The root tubers of an Anemone blanda need a cold period. Plant them in the ground from September to January. The planting depth is 2 to 3 times the height of the tuber itself and the planting distance is 2 to 3 times the width of the tuber itself. It grows well in any good garden soil, but naturalizes best in slightly moist soil. Plant this anemone in partial shade or sun, preferably under deciduous trees or shrubs or in the border between other plants.

Tip! Plant them in groups to form a ground-covering effect.


The Anemone blanda naturalizes well. She requires little maintenance. Provide annual feeding for optimal results.
We recommend Bio Kultura for organic potting soil, plant food and other soil improvers!


The Anemone blanda propagates by seed and by propagating the corms. We recommend tearing the clump and transplanting it every 5 years. Do this when the entire plant has died.


The Anemone blanda blooms wildly from Southeast Europe to Central Asia. It has been found in Dutch gardens since the end of the 19th century.

Organic Anemone blanda - Skal NL-BIO-01 certified: 109459

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Flowering time: March - April
Planting time: From August
Planting depth: 7 cm deep
Planting distance: 7 cm apart
10 cm high
Flower diameter: 7cm wide
Partial shade, sun (or under deciduous
shrubs or trees)
Soil: Clay, loam, sandy soil - Slightly alkaline/neutral
Winter hardiness:
Winter hardy
Propagation: Good (naturalizes)
Family: Ranunculaceae (ranunculus family)
Colour: Blue
Bee-friendly: Yes
Fragrant: Yes
Bulb size: 5+



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