How and when to plant flowerbulbs?

What are flowerbulbs?

A flower bulb consists of different layers, also called tunic leaves. The outer layer is called the shell and protects the inner parts of the bulb. Inside is a central point, the growing point or sprout, where the new shoots and roots develop.

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Flowerbulbs serve as a storage place for nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. These nutrients are used to nourish the plant during the growth period.

Flowerbulbs play an important role in plant reproduction. They can multiply by forming new bulbs, which develop as side bulbs around the mother bulb.

Which bulbs to plant in autumn?

Spring bulbs such as allium , muscari and tulips are best planted in the ground in the fall, from October to January. Snowdrops can be planted earlier, because of the early flowering time and the faster drying out of the bulbs.

Which bulbs to plant in the spring?

Summer bulbs such as dahlias or lucky clover are planted in the spring after the ice saints, so that there is no chance of frost damage. These heat germination plants can also be favored indoors from March onwards, so that they bloom earlier in the summer.

How deep should bulbs be planted?

With flowerbulbs there is a mnemonic that you can remember well. The planting depth for all flowerbulbs is 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb and the planting distance is 2 to 3 times the width of the bulb. Small flowerbulbs are therefore planted shallower than large flowerbulbs.

Where is the best place to plant flowerbulbs?

Most flowerbulbs such as botanical tulips are exotic immigrants from, for example, the Mediterranean region. These prefer a sunny position. There are exceptions for those exotics such as the Spanish hyacinth that also thrives in the shade.

Bulbs of scillas or summer snowflake grow well under deciduous trees. Where the flowerbulbs receive sun during flowering, but have a cool resting place during the hot summer days, so that they can bloom again the following year.

What to do when flowerbulbs have finished blooming?

If the flowers wilt, they can be cut away at the top of the flower stem, so that seeds cannot form and cannot take strength away from the mother bulb. The rest of the plant still serves to absorb the sun's energy until it is completely dead. This way the bulb still receives all the nutrition it needs and will then go into rest mode.

Which flowerbulbs return every year?

Naturalizing bulbs such as daffodils remain in the ground after flowering and bulbs that need more heat in the summer, such as hyacinths , are removed from the ground and stored in a warm place in the shed. The flowerbulbs are then replanted in the ground from October.

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How do I plant tulip bulbs?

Not everyone grew up among tulips , so we often get the question at the market; how is a tulip planted? A tulip bulb has a pointed top. At the bottom of the bulb you can see the root crown, sometimes with the old flower stalk still attached. Plant the bulb with the tip up, about 10 centimeters in the ground and 10 centimeters apart.

The photo above was created by the Bloemoloog for a picking garden , where the flowers are picked and can therefore no longer absorb forces after flowering. The tulips are then for single use and can then be planted closer together for a fuller effect.

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How should I plant imperial crowns?

First of all, the flowerbulbs of a Fritillaria imperialis , also called imperial crown, are very vulnerable. When planting, care must be taken with the round, heavy bulbs. When they fall they break and will be destroyed. The bulb is very special because it has a hole through the flower stem from the year before that has completely dried up and disappeared. The bulb must go into the ground horizontally. This means with the hole to the side so that no water runs in, to prevent bulb rot. This also applies to the Fritillaria 'Persica' .

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How do I store flowerbulbs?

If you have purchased flowerbulbs from us and have them delivered to your home and you want to leave the flowerbulbs for a while, we advise you to open the box and store it in a ventilated, cool place until the moment you want to plant.

What happens if I plant flowerbulbs too late?

Have you forgotten to plant your spring flowering bulbs before January? Plant them in the ground, even if frost has already been predicted. If the flowers do not reach their full potential this year, the flowerbulbs will probably produce plenty of flowers again the following year. In that case, provide some extra nutrition so that the bulbs can gain strength.

Where can I buy flowerbulbs?

At the Bloemoloog, organic flowerbulbs are available all year round in the webshop , but also at one of our markets . Visit us at beautiful locations, where our candy stall is available to you.

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