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Organicaly grown crocuses

Crocuses belong to the Iridaceae family (iris family) and are among the first flowers to appear in spring. They often tend to bloom before trees and shrubs grow leaves, making them stand out in the landscape. These star-shaped flowers can be perfectly combined with other early bloomers. Whether you plant them in the garden, in a pot or even in the grass, they will enchant you again and again.

Some crocuses belong to the Stinzen plants that have been naturalizing in Dutch gardens for centuries. They are the epitome of reliable beauty, as they faithfully return and even reproduce year after year.


A crocus thrives best in a location with full sun or light shade. The soil must be well-drained to prevent excess moisture. Adding organic matter, such as compost, improves soil quality. Crocuses also bloom well in pots or in the grass. There's a spot for the crocus everywhere!

Flowerbulbs for bees

Crocus flowers contain nectar and pollen, making them attractive to pollinating insects such as bees and bumblebees. They play an important role in pollinating other plants and contributing to biodiversity in the garden.


Although the saffroncrocus blooms in the fall, it is also classified under the spring-flowering category for convenience. Plant the tubers in the ground between August and October for enchanting late autumn flowering and winter greenery. The Crocus 'Sativus' is a loyal companion that will return for many years in the right location and with the right care.

Where can I buy organically grown crocuses?

You can order organic crocus tubers from us in the webshop from June to January. These will be delivered from September during the planting time. From August to January you can select the organic tubers yourself from the boxes at our market stall. Visit us at one of our markets. (See events calendar)

Experience the enchantment of organic crocuses in your garden. Order your tubers today and create a beautiful spectacle of color and life.


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  • There is a wide range of flower bulbs that bloom in spring and mark the beginning of spring! In early spring you can enjoy beautiful flowers such as winter aconites, crocuses, daffodils, muscaris, star of Bethlehem and wood hyacinths. As spring progresses, the tulips and ornamental onions will take over the show and fill your garden with their display of colour.

    Benefits of organic flowerbulbs

    When you choose organic flowerbulbs you can be sure that no chemicals and pesticides end up in the garden. These pesticides are harmful to bees and ensure that bees can no longer find their way to a nesting site. As a result, more and more bee species have been added to the red list in recent years. Together we can do something about this!

    Important for wild bees

    Did you know that there are wild bees that lay eggs in their nests that hatch in early spring? These newborn insect helpers immediately start looking for food in the environment. There are also insects that have hibernated and are in dire need of a hearty breakfast; the blooming flowers where nectar and pollen can be found! Just after winter there is little green and edible food available for these insects and planting early flowering flower bulbs ensures that there is food and the insects can gain strength for the summer to come.

    Tips for a flowery garden

    Plant different types of flowers, each with its own flowering time so that flowers bloom throughout the spring and there is food for bees and other insects in the garden. Do you also want to arrange your garden/box in such a way that you can enjoy flowers and the bees throughout the spring? Feel free to send us a message or ask us at the market stall, we are happy to help you! Also aim for more biodiversity in the garden and enjoy the first flowers and colors in the garden after the cold and dark winter!

    Organic growers

    The organic growers we work with grow not only the most beautiful, but also the strongest products. The growers grow varieties and types of flowers and plants that experience has shown are virus resistant, so that they do not have to use chemicals and pesticides. The organic grower looks for natural remedies and solutions against diseases and/or pests. All our flower bulbs are controlled organic; Both we as a florist and the growers have a SKAL certificate.

    Planting time

    You can plant the spring-flowering flower bulbs from autumn to the end of December. Flower bulbs that need to be removed from the ground after flowering are removed from the ground from the end of July and stored until the new planting time in the autumn.

  • Spring bloomers are flowers that bloom in the spring, between January and May. There are many different types of spring flowering bulbs that are suitable for different types of gardens and soil types.

    Spring bloomers in the sun

    Many spring bloomers need a lot of sun to bloom and grow well for the following year. These flowers can be planted in full sun:

    • Crocus
    • Daffodils
    • Tulips

    Spring bloomers in the shade

    Some spring bloomers also grow and bloom well in the shade, such as:

    • Bluebells
    • Scillas
    • Winter aconite

    Spring bloomers in moist soil types:

    • Fritillaria (Meleagris)
    • Leucojum
    • Narcissus 'Poeticus'


    There are many different types of spring flowering bulbs that are suitable for different types of gardens and soil types. Whether a spring flowering plant can grow in the sun or shade depends on the specific species. Some people like to stand in dry soil and others prefer wet feet. So there is a suitable spring bloomer for every garden.

    Harvest time

    The flower bulbs are removed from the ground by the grower around July, after flowering. Products are first dried so that they can be stored properly until they can be planted in the fall and the bulbs can retain their quality. The flower bulbs are available from August to December at the Bloemologist.

    Order flower bulbs

    Pre-sales for spring flowering flower bulbs will start from March 1 in our webshop.

    During the pre-sale you can order your desired products from us, so you can be sure that your favorite is still in stock and we will send your package as soon as everything is complete.

    The flower bulbs ordered in the pre-sale will be delivered in mid-September. From this moment on, the flower bulbs can be planted directly in the garden or in containers on the balcony.

    Below you will find all our organically grown flower bulbs and tubers that bloom in the spring from January to July.

    Hopefully there is something nice for you!

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